Dear BCOE Colleagues:

Below are several updates regarding the ongoing Bourns Renovation.

  • You may have noticed fume hood alarms sounding.  The new exhaust fans on the roof are being programmed and tested this week.  This necessitates periodic stopping and starting the fans.  Testing is expected to be finished by 5:00 pm Saturday.  For the duration of this testing:
    • Try to avoid performing work requiring highly hazardous materials as hood exhaust will periodically be interrupted,
    • When hood alarms sound, discontinue work and close the sash completely,
    • Once alarms stop, wait about 10-15 minutes before resuming hood work,
    • If alarms persist without intermittent stopping (e.g., one hour or more), contact either me or campus facilities (2-4214 or 2-4677 after hours).
    • Beginning later this week, 3 new replacement fans will be installed in B-wing as noted below.  Replacement of each fan is expected to take one day.  The fans cannot be replaced all at the same time.  During each replacement, HVAC systems will not be working on that floor/side only.  Fume hood exhaust will not be impacted by this operation – but may still be experiencing intermittent outages as noted above.
      • FIRST floor EAST side
      • SECOND floor EAST side
      • SECOND floor WEST side

Please let me know if you have questions.

Safety and Facilities Coordinator 
Bourns College of Engineering 
University of California, Riverside
Tel: 951-827-1241
Fax: 951-827-3188|
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