Dear BCOE Community:

Phase 1 of the Bourns Hall B-wing renovation project has begun and progress is looking good to remain on schedule.  In addition to the details below, a web page with Bourns B-wing renovation information has been created.  You can find this page on the BCOE intranet under “Resources” – it is entitled Bourns Hall B Renovation.  You may need to log in using your engineering id and password.

I have been working directly with many of you and will continue to do so.  If you cannot catch me on the fly or in my office, please request a meeting by emailing me.  If it is critical – texting is a good way to reach me even if I happen to be in a meeting. I will try to respond quickly.  My email is, my desk phone is 951-827-1241, my cell phone number is 760-846-3458.  

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS FOR THE CONTRACTOR – please contact me directly.  Interrupting the construction team may cause delays and compromise safety.


  • Crating and prep in B-164 will be completed by Wednesday, August 3 – HVAC retrofitting will commence immediate after.  Work in this room will be paused for instruction in the fall, with final duct connections being completed in a later Phase.
  • Demolition of B-207, B-213A,B,C, and B-213AA is underway.
  • Graduate students in B-313 and B-315 will be temporarily moved to Bourns A-wing pending installation of new ducts in the existing shafts.  Temporary room assignments will be confirmed with your PI soon.

Below are critical DATES for persons affected by PHASE 2 of the construction in FIRST, SECOND, and THIRD FLOOR EAST WING CONSTRUCTION ZONES


  • 2nd Floor East Wing – demolition begins August 23 (lab occupant move out in these areas is proposed as noted below)


  • Interruptions in work in any single lab are expected to be from 4 to 6 weeks maximum
  • Affected rooms include:
    • B-136, B-140, B-144, B-148, B-152, B-155, B-156, B-160, B-164
    • DETAILS for DATES on sub-phasing of this work (e.g., Phase 2a, Phase 2b, etc.) are pending Contractor submittal and will be provided as soon as possible. 
    • Lab operations on the first floor will be PROTECTED IN PLACE
    • Work will occur overhead via scaffolding and ladders; to protect your research:
      • CRATING to protect large or unmovable instruments in place will be accomplished just prior to construction activity in each room
      • Lab bench tops should be clear and uncontaminated
      • All chemicals must be placed safely in cabinets or in spill proof containers beneath benches and in alcoves – totes are available on request
      • Glassware should be located where it cannot be bumped or broken; it can be boxed if necessary – boxes and wrapping materials are available upon request

MOVE DATES (tentative unless noted otherwise)

  • B-140: August 11 (date confirmed)
  • B-242: August 12
  • B-246: August 12
  • B-262: August 15
  • B-238: August 15
  • B-256: August 17
  • B-261: August 17
  • B-254: August 18
  • B-252: August 19
  • B-232: August 19 (optional – not required until near the end of Phase 2)

OTHER ROOMS (these are rooms in Bourns A-wing which will shift to accommodate occupants from Bourns B-wing)

  • A-275: August 16
  • A-277: August 16
  • A-122: August 16


  • Burgess Moving has been hired to move 2nd floor occupants to their new locations. If your lab is moving, please review the guidelines below. 
    • Except for items you want Burgess to pack, plan to have your items packed and ready by close of business the DAY BEFORE your move.  The moving schedule is very tight, your assistance is greatly appreciated.
    • Occupants are responsible for packaging small or personal items.
    • Lab PIs and managers are strongly advised to SELF package small research items such as breakables, sensitive instruments or equipment, etc. (large items can be moved by Burgess).
    • Large totes are available on loan for items that will be unpacked immediate after the move.
    • Cardboard boxes are available if you need time after the move to unpack, or need to store the contents – these need not be returned.
    • Packing supplies (bubble wrap, wrapping paper, tape, etc.) are available.
    • Labels are provided and MUST be on EVERY item, indicating the final destination (e.g., new building and room number, trash, surplus, etc.); this will ensure your items are not lost.
    • Chemicals
      • Place in the plastic totes available from Burgess – labs may use their own leak-proof alternative if desired,
      • Cushioning materials should be used between breakable containers, especially liquids,
      • Incompatibles items must be separated in sealed containers or moved in separate totes.
  • Discuss any “special-needs equipment” (delicate, irreplaceable, etc.) with Maggie in advance, so that movers can plan to keep your item safe and undamaged throughout the move.

All hallways will see increased activity.  We will update the web page in order to share schedules, updates, and progress as we receive them.  If needed, we will also keep you apprised of any updates or changes in the schedule via email.



Safety and Facilities Coordinator

Bourns College of Engineering

Tel: 951-827-1241

Please let me know if you have questions.