Dear BCOE Faculty, Researchers, and Staff:

As you probably have heard in previous months, ventilation duct and plumbing retrofits and between-lab wall extensions (upward to deck above) being accomplished during the Bourns B-wing renovation project will impact the Bourns B-wing first floor labs.  I have been working with impacted PIs individually over the last 6-8 months to prepare for this work. 

First floor, east side labs will be shut down for a period of six weeks during which time, research must be accomplished in temporary locations or labs in which collaboration has already been established.  In some cases, faculty have arranged for equipment intensive work be done in advance so that research teams can focus on writing in the interim. In the case of instructional labs B-108 and B-134, work must be accomplished over the holiday break.

At the construction meeting yesterday, it was announced that the phasing for the first floor has now been determined.  Duct configuration in the first floor makes it necessary for the contractor to work from the breezeway eastward.  This means crating must begin in B-136 no later than Monday, August 22.  Immediately following, crating will occur in B-140, B-160, etc., moving toward Chung Hall.

As I mentioned during discussions with first floor lab PIs, Burgess, a moving and crating company, will provide services to accomplish protection of instruments and equipment in labs.  Research teams will want to oversee handling, packing, storage, and protection of any especially sensitive or valuable items.  I will work with PIs and research teams directly to ensure research is protected over the six week period necessary for the contractor’s duct, plumbing, and wall work to be accomplished. 

I apologize for the very short notice.  While the work was expected, unknowns in the building air handling system and the very constrained work period in which to accomplish the retrofit (no more than six weeks) necessitated the contractor’s selection of this approach and the immediate scheduling of the work.

Please share this information broadly with your research teams. 

I truly appreciate everyone’s efforts to assist and will do everything in my power to minimize the impact to your research teams.  I am sure you will have questions and concerns and look forward to discussing them with you along with solutions that will minimize impact. Thank you very much.



Safety and Facilities Coordinator

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