Hi Everyone:
Now that turnover of Phase 2 is imminent, things will move very fast.  Here is what I have so far:

    • Move B-235, B-235A, and B-235B to B-256
    • Move B-231 optical tables (in concert with laser technician) to B-213AA
    • Move B-342A biosafety cabinet and optical table to B-213AA
    • Move “big green” piece of equipment from B-231 to either B-152 or surplus (to be verified by Wednesday close of business)
    • Move all other B-231 items to B-213AA (time allowing)
    • Deliver 3 stored B-255 tables to B-359 (Burgess vault – they may be noted as being out of B-230); concurrent removal of 2-3 desks from B-359
    • Deliver E-crates to B-231, B-233, B-236 (if not already delivered Wednesday)
    • IF NOT ALREADY DONE, Move rest of B-231 items to B-213AA
    • Disassemble lab benches in B-235A and stage for reassembly in B-261NOTE: photo documentation during disassembly REQUIRED so that these units can be accurately reassembled.  NOSANG: you may want your team member present for this process.
  • DECEMBER 12 and 13 (as needed)
    • Move B-236 to B-255
    • Move B-233 to B-262

EVERYONE: please let me know if I have forgotten any details, gotten a discussed date wrong, or ??.  Your teams should be finished packing all personal, small, delicate, or especially valuable items no later than close of business the day before your scheduled move.  All large items will be moved by Burgess.  PLEASE LABEL destination locations of ALL ITEMS such as large items or crated items (e.g., room number, “surplus”, storage, trash, etc.).  You can use blue painters tape and a Sharpee to accomplish this.  Let me know if you need tape.

Questions welcome.

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