Dynamic Nucleic Acid Systems lab

Elisa Franco, Assistant professor

Ph.D. California Institute of Technology (2012), University of Trieste (2008).

Laurea Degree: Power systems engineering, University of Trieste (2002).

Email: efranco at ucr dot edu

3401 Watkins Drive, Bourns Hall A311, Riverside, CA 92521

Positions: Currently we do not have any open position.

Current lab members

Staff and postdoctoral scholars

Hari K. K. Subramanian, Assistant Project Scientist, ME
Ph.D. institution: NYU

Xun Tang,
Postdoctoral Scholar, ME Ph.D. institution: Georgia Tech

Ph.D. students

Jaimie M. Stewart, Ph.D. Student, BIEN

Siddharth Agarwal, Ph.D. Student, BIEN

Melissa Klocke, Ph.D. Student, ME

Raffaele Baggi, Ph.D. Student, ME

Undergraduate students

Krishen Wadwhani, Undergraduate student, BIEN

Sonia Gomez, Undergraduate student, BIEN UC Leads program

"Honorary" lab members


Alumni, with position after leaving our lab

Leopold N. Green,
Now Postdoctoral Scholar at Caltech

Christian Cuba Samaniego, Ph.D. ME
Now Postdoctoral Scholar at MIT/ASU
Personal website

Vahid Mardanlou, Ph.D. UCR ECE
Now lecturer at UCR, ECE department
  • Kimia Yaghoubi, undergraduate student, UCR Neuroscience -> MS student, UCR Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Jonathan N. Lloyd, undergraduate and MS student, UCR BIEN -> CelGene, San Diego.
  • Claire H. Tran, undergraduate student, UCR BIEN -> Biomolecular Science Ph.D. program at UCSB.
  • John Reed, undergraduate and M.S. student, UCR ME -> Epic Systems Corporation.
  • Andrew Reimer, M.S. student, UCR BIEN -> Roche Molecular systems.
  • Stewart Contreras, M.S. student, UCR ME -> Systems engineer at Northrop Grumman.
  • Rex Lu, undergraduate student, UCR ME -> MAE M.S. program at UCLA.
  • Manuel Bedrossian, undergraduate student, UCR ME -> Research engineer at Caltech.
  • Danyia Ashhad, undergraduate and M.S. student, UCR BIEN.
  • Sho Kitada, undergraduate student, UCR Biochemistry.
  • Christopher Galley, undergraduate student, UCR Biology.

Former visitors

  • Chiara Favaretto, Ph.D. Student, University of Padua, Italy
  • Andrea Carron , M.S. student, University of Padua.
  • Maximilian Weitz, Ph.D. student, Technical University Munich. Joined Beltos GmbH.