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Founded in 1973, MRS now consists of over 15,100 members from the United States -- as well as nearly 70 other countries. The Society is different from that of single discipline professional societies because it encourages communication and technical information exchange across the various fields of science affecting materials.

MRS sponsors two major annual Meetings offering approximately 75 topical symposia. The Society recognizes professional and technical excellence, conducts symposium tutorials, and encourages technical interaction among college students through University Chapters, and among materials professionals through regional Sections.

MRS also promotes communication exchange through publication of symposium proceedings, MRS Bulletin, Journal of Materials Research, and other publications, databases and videotapes related to current research activities. MRS works closely with other materials organizations around the world, and is an Adhering Body of the International Union of Materials Research Societies (IUMRS).



MRS MISSION STATEMENT (Adopted by Council -- June, 2000)

The Materials Research Society (MRS) is an organization of materials researchers from academia, industry, and government that promotes communication for the advancement of interdisciplinary materials research to improve the quality of life.

MRS VISION STATEMENT (Revised by Board - July 23, 2008)

The Materials Research Society will build a dynamic, interactive, global community of materials researchers to advance technical excellence by providing a framework in which the materials disciplines can convene, collaborate, integrate and advocate.

(Revised by Board - July 23, 2008)

MRS Core Values

  • Technical excellence
  • Visionary and dynamic
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Broadly inclusive and egalitarian

MRS Derived Values


  • Preserve equality of membership; Maintain a diverse membership that encompasses students and professionals from academia, industry, and government;
  • Encourage an active globally-diverse membership;
  • Offer programs, products and services that help our members build their professional identity worldwide.


  • Provide high quality meetings that encourage networking and scientific exchange;
  • Facilitate meetings that are interdisciplinary and highlight cutting-edge topics in materials research and technology.

Dissemination of Information

  • Take a leadership role in dissemination of information on materials science and technology to the public and to governments;
  • Provide archival literature in the field of materials research and technology;
  • Advocate for materials sciences.


  • Encourage a professional, cooperative, and dedicated headquarters staff;
  • Be a preferred employer;
  • Support creative, active, responsible and dedicated volunteers;
  • Maintain a sound financial footing;
  • Lead through collaboration, including work with other societies and organizations.

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