to Dr. Sandeep Kumar

Welcome to Multi-physics lab. In this lab, we use micro/nanofabrication, transport characterization, magnetic characterization, high resolution microscopy tools to understand the thin film (ferromagnetic metals, normal metals and semiconductors) behavior and coupling across the physical domains (electrical, thermal, spin and magnetic). We use MEMS fabrication approach to break the symmetry in thin films structures, which give rise to spin-Hall effect, spin-Seebeck effect and various interfacial behavior especially in semiconductors. Our current research interests are

    • Flexoelectric effect mediated topological behavior in semiconductors
    • Strain gradient mediated symmetry breaking in centosymmetric crystals
    • Longitudinal spin-Seebeck effect and spin-phonon interactions
    • Strain mediated intrinsic spin-Hall effect in semiconductors
    • Emergent ferromagnetic behavior in non-magnetic semiconductors
    • Spin mediated thermal transport in semiconductor and ferromagnetic thin films