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Celebrating 30 Years

Christopher S. Lynch - Dean

Dean's Welcome


Redefining Engineering

Our world is changing more rapidly than in any period of history, with engineering being central to nearly every modern advancement.

At the Marlan and Rosemary Bourns College of Engineering (BCOE), we look at the challenges facing today’s world through a wide lens, recognizing that varied perspectives are critical to defining the world we will live in five, 10, even 100 years from now. This broad vision guides our education and research philosophy – to build strong fundamental skills, to embrace teamwork with individuals from diverse backgrounds, and to design and implement solutions that address today’s societal issues while anticipating and addressing the challenges we will face tomorrow.

Convergence in science and engineering brings together multiple disciplines to address the critical challenges that lie at disciplinary boundaries and beyond. This multidisciplinary approach is woven through every facet of the student experience in our college:

  • In our research laboratories, BCOE faculty partner with students, academic peers across campus and around the world, experts at national laboratories, and industry experts to address the world’s most complex problems.
  • In our classrooms, BCOE students work with faculty who broaden their perspectives, challenge their capabilities, coach them in developing new skills, and teach them to work in multidisciplinary teams.
  • Through experiential teaching and learning, BCOE trains students to identify opportunities for improvement and then conceptualize, design, and implement solutions, preparing them to become leaders in their professions.
  • BCOE alumni apply the knowledge, skills and experiences carefully honed at UCR to address real world problems and make a difference through engineering and leadership.

Innovation is at the heart of everything our faculty, students, and alumni set out to achieve. They are the change makers at the forefront of today’s technologies as well as those who continually redefine engineering theory and practice to meet the complex challenges of tomorrow. Join us as we help make this world a better place for future generations.


Dean Christopher S. Lynch, William R. Johnson Jr. Family Chair 
Professor of Mechanical Engineering