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Welcome to BCOE's faculty resource page. Here you’ll find links, resources and portals you need as a BCOE faculty member. If there is any information you would like to add to this page, please email

  • New Faculty Prior to Arriving Checklist
  • When you arrive checklist

    Meet your department’s Administrative Supervisor

    To ask: where is my office and lab; how do I get keys and a campus ID; how does purchasing work in your department; how do you check status of your IC and research funding; when are department meetings; who is the departments computer systems contact?

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    Meet your departments computer systems specialist

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    Meet your department Chair. 

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    Meet your Laboratory Safety Officer

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    • Check out additional safety information on the BCOE Faculty Safety Resources page
      • Save the number (951) 827-5222 in your mobile phone for use in Campus emergencies instead of 911. UCPD will guide first responders to you for a more rapid response.
      • Review Introduction to Principal Laboratory Safety Responsibilities
      • Check out the Environmental Health and Safety website to learn about
      • When you are ready to set up research space:
        • Be sure you and your research team members have appropriate training. It is recommended you withhold card or key access to your lab until each person’s training is complete.
        • Read through the 10 steps again and submit any authorization packets you need (for biologicals, radioisotope, lasers, human subjects, etc.).
        • Complete your LHAT so that you and your team can obtain free personal protective equipment for working in the lab.

    Meet your colleagues both within the department and across campus

    Learn more about UCR and BCOE

  • Resources


    Research: Grant writing, Leading a group, Time Management


    BCOE Faculty Instructional Workload and Course Buyout Policy - Revised September 2019
    UCR Academy of Distinguished Teachers Workshop Series
    Unit 18 Lecturers

    Training and Workshops

    Required Training
    Additional Training may be required depending on research specialization:

    Please point us to any training that you know of that is excellent. Email 

    Other Resources

    • UCR Discounts 
    • Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (Alcohol/Drug Counseling, Child/Elder Care needs, Legal/Personal matters, Depression)
    • Workplace Health and Wellness (Ergonomics, Wellness programs, Disability Management, etc.)
    • UCR Principles of Community
    • Travel
      • UC Travel Insurance
      • Connexxus – Connexxus is a web portal with access to UC’s Systemwide Travel Program comprehensive rates and benefits for all those affiliated with UC.
      • iTravel – iTravel is a comprehensive and flexible travel planning and expense reporting system. The iTravel system is designed to, speed reimbursements to travelers, enable travel planning as well as expense reporting, and ensure better compliance with policies.
      • Childcare support during travel
        Courtesy of the Women Faculty Association, female faculty with the rank of assistant and associate with children under age seven are eligible to apply. Reimbursement is available only for dependent care expenses incurred when traveling to attend professional meetings, conference, workshops, and professional development opportunities. Up to $700 will be reimbursed to two or three faculty for travel incurred between June 2019 and May 2020. A paragraph describing the impact of support during the travel is required after the travel is completed.
    • Early Childhood Services – Available for children 2 months old through kindergarten age
    • Faculty housing resource – Find housing near campus and real estate services
    • Mortgage Origination Program (MOP)
    • International Scholar Center – Promotes the success, wellness and personal growth of the international students and scholars through expert advising, intercultural programming and advocacy
    • Women’s Faculty Association – 
    • Student Disability Resource Service – Promotes an inclusive educational experience for students through the advocacy of equal access, disability and ability awareness, and self-empowerment
    • CANRA - The California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act
    • Title IX - sexual harassment and sexual violence resources
    • UC Path assistance for medical

    Zoom Brown Bag Panel Discussions: 

    • Working Effectively with Program Officers & Directors – Sept. 22, 2020 Contact  Executive Assistant & Policy Specialist for access
      • Zoom Recording  
      • DoD Funding Strategies Presentation
    • Understanding Research Project Budget Projections – Oct. 22, 2020 Contact  Executive Assistant & Policy Specialist for access
      • Zoom Recording  
      • Example - Proposal Budget New
      • Example - Project Projections through Fall 2020
  • Facilities
  • Problem Resolution
  • Orientation Presentations

    Both campus and BCOE will hold new campus orientations at the start of the Fall quarter. Following are the slides from the most recent BCOE orientation.

    New Faculty Orientation 2023

    New Faculty Orientation 2022

  • Safety: For on campus emergencies dial 827-5222 (not 911)
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