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BCOE Staff STARs Program

This initiative aims to recognize and celebrate our fantastic staff members' outstanding contributions, achievements, and dedication at the Bourns College of Engineering. The program is designed to acknowledge and honor the exemplary efforts that our staff members put in to make our college successful, promote professional development, and create a positive work atmosphere.

Program Overview

The BCOE Staff STARs Program is designed to align with the behavioral indicators of the university's Performance Management framework. These indicators recognize and promote behaviors and performance that embody the College's values. By integrating the STAR Program with these indicators, we aim to create a comprehensive staff award program that reflects our commitment to excellence.

Eligibility and Nominations 

All BCOE staff members are eligible for nomination, except those represented by TX. We encourage you to nominate your colleagues who demonstrate exceptional qualities. The nomination process is straightforward, starting by recognizing the outstanding colleagues who work with you. You can submit an online form highlighting your nominee's actions that align with the award category criteria and the relevant UC Performance Management behavioral indicators. Self-nominations are allowed and encouraged. A committee will review all nominations based on established criteria.

Agility Ace Award

This award recognizes individuals who have effectively managed change, showing adaptability and resilience.

Agility Ace Nomination

Agility Ace Winners

  • 2024
    Awarded February 16, 2024 
    Cindy Aguliar
    Ruth Arriaga
    Angie Butler-Jones
    Carolyn Ray

Customer Whisperer and/or Collaborative Spirit Award

This award is given to staff who consistently achieve high satisfaction ratings from internal or external customers and/or employees who have excelled in partnering with other departments or colleges.

Customer Whisperer/Collaborative Spirit Nomination

Customer Whisperer and/or Collaborative Spirit Winners

  • 2024
    Awarded February 16, 2024

    Collaborative Spirit

    Richard Bain
    Sara Connor 
    Jeremiah Farr 
    Lauren Gonzalez
    Nicole Kramer
    Thomas McGraw
    Eilene Montoya 
    Berenice Murillo-Quintana
    Cory Randle 
    Becki Jo Ray
    Lucila Rojo 
    Kevin Schulte


    Customer Whisperer
    Eva Barriga
    Tara Brown
    Nikki Holloway
    Laura Schulte
    Rebecca Wu

Diversity & Inclusion Champion Award 

This award honors staff who actively promote and practice diversity and inclusion.

Diversity & Inclusion Nomination

Diversity & Inclusion Winners

  • 2024
    Awarded February 16, 2024 
    Desmond Harvey
    Christina Kitajima
    Fernanda Rojas
     Sara Salsgiver

Efficiency Master Award

This award is given to staff who excel in streamlining operations, optimizing resources, and delivering timely, high-quality results, contributing significantly to departmental and organizational efficiency.

Efficiency Master Nomination

Efficiency Master Winners

  • 2024
    Awarded February 16, 2024 
    Huguette Albrecht
    Brandon Reese
    Vanda Yamguchi

Mentor and/or Recognition Maestro Award 

This award is given to supervisors who create a supportive environment that promotes their direct reports' professional and personal development. Additionally, supervisors who excel in acknowledging and rewarding the contributions of their direct reports to enhance staff motivation and engagement are also recognized for the award. 

Mentor/Recognition Nomination


Mentor and/or Recognition Maestro Winners

  • 2024
    Awarded February 16, 2024 

    Recognition Maestro

    Janna Le Blanc

    Mentor Award

    Grace Caslavka
    Lupe Ruiz

Tech Guru Award 

This award is given to staff who excel in implementing, troubleshooting, and/or assisting in designing/creating/improving technology, thereby improving departmental efficiency.

Tech Guru Nomination


Tech Guru Winners

  • 2024
    Awarded February 16, 2024 
    Joe Bradfield
    Victor Hill

Transparent Communicator Award 

This award is given to staff who consistently provide clear, timely, and relevant information, facilitating better decision-making and collaboration within the team.

Transparent Communicator Nomination

Transparent Communicator Winners

  • 2024
    Awarded February 16, 2024 
    Robert Godoy
    Mallorie Hardcastle
    Briana Moreno

Unsung Hero Award

This award recognizes the behind-the-scenes efforts that often go unnoticed but contribute significantly to the team's success.

Unsung Hero Nomination

Unsung Hero Winners

  • 2024
    Awarded February 16, 2024 
    Mike Del Rosario
    Vanessa Guzman
    Mindi Mobley
    Terri Phonharath
    Rod Smith
    Valerie Thomas
    Antonio Zavala


Mitchell Boretz Engineering Excellence Award

This award is for professional development activities to encourage growth in our staff. You are encouraged to nominate your co-workers, colleagues, supervisors, yourself, and any staff within BCOE to be recognized for professional development opportunities

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Mitchell Boretz Engineering Excellence Winners

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