Faculty Resources

Welcome to BCOE faculty resources page. Here you’ll find links, resources and portals you need as a BCOE faculty member.
If there is any information you would like to add to this page, please email news@engr.ucr.edu.

When you arrive checklist

Meet your department’s Administrative Supervisor

To ask: where is my office and lab; how do I get keys and a campus ID; how does purchasing work in your department; how do you check status of your IC and research funding; when are department meetings; who is the departments computer systems contact?

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Meet your department’s computer systems specialist.

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Meet you colleagues both within the department and across campus.

Meet your department Chair.

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Learn more about UCR and BCOE

Orientation Overviews:

Both campus and BCOE will hold new campus orientations at the start of the Fall quarter.
Following are the slides from the most recent BCOE orientation.

  • Academic Personnel Overview: main contact is Cecilia
  • Undergraduate Advising Overview: main contact is Marko
  • Computer Systems Support Overview: main contact is John
  • Proposals and Grants: main contact is Mitch
  • Development Overview: main contact is Jed
  • Branding Overview: main contact is Angela
  • Space and Facilities Overview: main contact is Maggie
  • ORCID or Google Scholar Overview: main contact is 
  • High Performance Computing: main contact is 

Training Resources:

Please point us to any training that you know of that is excellent.
Email news@engr.ucr.edu


Grant writing, Leading a group; Time Management;…

UCR Required Training



Please point us to any UCR facilities resources that you find useful.
Email news@engr.ucr.edu

Problem Resolution

Additional Resources

  • iLearn: Online resource for communicating securely with students in your classes. 
  • Course Catalog
  • UCR Health Plan
  • UCR Benefits
  • Rspace: One stop list of many UCR online resources. For example:
    • eFile: Online resource for academic review.
    • iTravel: Online resource for approval of travel reimbursements
    • ePay: Online resource for purchasing
  • BCOE Templates: Use these to communicate the BCOE brand
  • List of software: List of UCR or BCOE software available to all faculty