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Celebrating 30 Years


New Parent FAQs

  • Academic
    • Who is my student’s counselor, will they have virtual office hours, and who will help them sign-up for classes?
      • In BCOE, assigns academic advisors by major. You can see advisor assignments here. The Email is the appropriate way for students to contact academic advisors. Direct your student to follow the email instructions here.  Students can view academic advisor availability here. Academic advisors are the first point of contact for all questions, including academic, housing, financial, and adjustment questions.
    • When do students register for classes?
      • New, incoming students register at summer orientation.
      • Continuing students register for the next quarter in weeks 6-10 of the preceding quarter.
      • See the academic calendar, found here, for exact dates.
    • With Data Science being new this year, could you share a little bit about the course requirements and structure?  Who is the best contact for this program?
      • Data Science is essentially a combination of Computer Science and Statistics.
      • The first-year coursework is the same as Computer Science.
      • BCOE Data Science can email their advisor by following the instructions here.
    • Are group projects planned to encourage socializing between students?
      • Group assignments always encourage developing social networks. The remote environment is no exception
    • My student is interested in the BS + MS program, when can they apply?
      • Students can contact their advisor about the BS + MS program during their third year in BCOE.
    • How will communication between faculty and students be supported/encouraged?
      • In class interaction, office hours, club/organization participation, and study still continue in virtually. Most departments offer a required introduction course to acquaint the students with the faculty and many departments work with the academic advisors to coordinate Faculty Mentoring meetings annually.
    • Will academic requirements remain the same with distance learning?
      • Yes.
    • What are the expectations of freshmen students given the COVID-19 learning environment?
      • First, we want you to stay healthy and safe. Given the many changes for both the new students and for UCR, we expect you to have questions and we request regular, polite communication. We are here to support students and need to know when obstacles to learning occur. We ask for patience from everyone—students, faculty, and staff.
  • Financial Aid
    • Is financial aid going to cover all my students’ college expenses, and will we receive an award letter?
      • Each financial aid award is different. You can find out more about financial aid here.
    • How will online learning affect tuition?
      • Student Business services communicates changes to tuition or fees.
      • You can find out more here.
    • Who do we speak with about student loan questions?
      • The Financial Aid office.
      • You can contact them by emailing
  • COVID-19 Campus Plan
    • Will students attend class in-person or through distance learning? What about labs?
      • For Fall 2020, all classes will be held via distance learning, including lab classes like Chemistry and Physics. Instructors will provide detailed information about class structure.
      • Expect campus updates regarding upcoming terms sometime during winter and spring break.
    • When will the students be able to go to campus to study and use the facilities?
      • We have some campus facilities open to support research and a limited number of laboratory classes with reduced class sizes and most students remote. We have committed to preparing a remote option through the Spring term. 
    • When will we hear about winter quarter and distance/in-person learning?
      • An announcement about the Winter quarter is forthcoming and all students will be notified of the decision by email once it is finalized.
    • What is UCR doing to address COVID-19?
      • To protect our students, staff, faculty, and community, UCR is closed.  All classes and most campus operations remain offered in a remote environment.
    • What resources will students have available?  How will they access libraries, bookstores, and other student services during distance learning?
  • Student Life
    • What type of support does UCR/BCOE have for students?  How will they engage introverts who have difficulty speaking up and building connections?
    • What will BCOE do to keep students engaged who do not do well with online instruction?
      • UCR’s and ASK UCR provide tremendous resources to enhance the online learning environment for students with varying learning styles, temperaments, or personality types.
  • Housing
    • What are the COVID-19 guidelines for housing on-campus?
      • See COVID-19 Housing guidelines here.
    • Do transfer students have access to campus dorms this fall?
      • Housing for all incoming students is available, but not guaranteed, for the fall 2020 term. You can find out more here.
    • Can students defer housing until winter or spring quarter?
      • Please contact Housing for detailed information.
    • When will housing assignments be made?  Is on-campus housing required for distance learning?
      • All students with a Residence Hall Contract have the opportunity to self-select their rooms and roommates beginning July 17. Students who do not self-select a room and/or roommate will be assigned both by trained Housing Services staff. No room or roommate selections can be guaranteed. Final room and roommate assignments will be confirmed during the first week of September. On-campus housing is not required.
  • General
    • This is our first experience with higher education in the United States and we want to help our student as much as we can.
      • That’s great! In the United States, a higher education student has lots of choices. These choices include major and class selection, academic commitment, and self-initiative.
      • We hope your student will contact their advisor with any questions. We are here for your student!
    • How are parking passes going to be affected by students not being on-campus?
      • We recommend parking permits. There is no requirement to purchase a permit.
      •  Permits are available on a quarterly basis. You can purchase one here.
  • Professional Development
    • What mentorship and internship programs are available?
      • BCOE is proud to have a Professional Development Coordinator that helps students gain professional skills and access mentorship and internships.
      • Additionally, the campus Career Center has a dedicated BCOE specialist. Find out more here.
      • In addition, we send out a jobs and internships Career Corner newsletter to students. View past editions here

Keys for Student Success at BCOE

  1. Ensure consistent WiFi access; upgrade if necessary.  
  2. If consistent WiFi is not available, the campus offers Hot Spots, click WiFi recommendations, free hotspots for students needing WiFi access.
  3. Ensure consistent computing device, laptop or desktop.  The college does have a laptop requirement; all new BCOE students must have a laptop; see Laptop Policy.
  4. If a consistent computing device is not available, the campus has a limited number of computers that students can borrow; see Loaner Device program
  5. Ensure consistent access to space to learn without distractions; see strategies and resources for learning remotely.
  6. Students must learn to use some type of planning device.  They must study 2-3 hours for each hour of instruction.  Study time must be planned.  If you student needs help, the students should reach out to their BCOE Academic Advisor; see what BCOE Advisors do; also see accessing BCOE Academic Advisor.
  7. Encourage independence and trust in partnering with others to learn and grow.  Students must shift to not only being independent but also interdependent.  Why? Engineering is so challenging it requires a team and group effort.  Without  collaboration, cooperation, and team work, students can feel challenged, isolation, and shame to the extent they are incapable of reaching out for help.  
  8. Encourage your student to have balance, particularly while learning remotely.  For most students, this is the first time they will be self-managing most of their time.  Keep in mind, students will be under a lot of pressure both personally and socially adjusting to a new environment.  The pandemic makes that much more difficult.  Students will need to eat right, exercise, engage in healthy habits to relieve stress, laugh, and have some joy.   Everyone rejuvenates differently.  Help them learn about themselves and plan for a balanced academic life.
  9. Our current students have been adjusting to the new learning environment.  They are succeeding.  BCOE cares about your students; see what current BCOE students shared about their remote learning experience