David Kisailus

David Kisailus Ph.D.

Winston Chung Endowed Professor in Energy Innvoation
Professor, Chemical & Environmental Engineering

Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2002

Research Areas

Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology

Contact Information

Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering

Dr. Kisailus leads the Biomimetics and Nanostructured Materials Lab at UC Riverside. His background and formal training includes chemical engineering, materials science and molecular biology. Thus, his research truly encompasses nanomaterials and biomaterials. Based on these interests, he has written or co-authored more than 35 papers and patents in the areas of bio-mimetics, bio-inspired materials synthesis, ceramic processing, thin film growth, nano and energy-based materials (fuel cells, batteries). Prior to joining UCR, his research at HRL Laboratories included conceiving synthetic strategies for the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Program. He has investigated the synthesis and self-assembly of nanoscaled materials from bio-inspired and bio-mimetic platforms. Prior to HRL, Dr. Kisailus was a post-doctoral researcher at UC Santa Barbara, where he investigated biological pathways to novel materials and extended this to bio-mimetic and inspired systems. He received his Ph.D. from the Department of Materials at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2002, where he developed novel solution routes to epitaxial thin films and nanocrystals of GaN. Prior to this, he received his M.S. from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Florida in 2000, where he synthesized ceramic colloids and investigated densification behavior of glass-ceramic composites.

Dr. Kisailus's research interests include bio-memetics, bio-inspired materials synthesis for nanomaterials, energy storage and conversion materials (fuel cell, batteries), biomineralization studies, ceramic processing, thin film growth.


National Academy of Sciences Kavli Fellow, 2014