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Electorn Microscope Image La2CuO4 nanostructures

Cool It Now

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate researcher Shucheng Guo and assistant professor Xi Chen's research could lay the groundwork for the electronics industry to develop devices that overheat less, process information faster, and are more energy-efficient than today’s technology.
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UCR BCOE bioengineering doctoral student Samantha Robinson writing on a dry erase board.

Keeping Future Engineers on Track

Bioengineering doctoral students Samantha Robinson and Nicholas Robertson received Koerner Family Foundation fellowships and grants geared to help them focus on their research, complete their degrees, and launch research-focused engineering careers in the United States.
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Mantis shrimp

Smashing Success

Alumnus Garrett Milliron co-invented a materials science technology that was inspired by the “smasher” mantis shrimp and was recently used to develop a "bioinspired marvel," high-performance, impact-resistant hockey equipment
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Frank Vahid, co-founder of zyBooks (third from left)

Learning to Succeed

Department of Computer Science and Engineering professor Frank Vahid will serve as the new deputy director of college-level digitally enabled learning and teaching for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
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Laura McGeehan, Queenie Xu and Nancy Cruz - UC LEADS

Bioengineering student Queenie Xu researches a “window to the brain” through UC LEADS  

Queenie Xu, a third-year bioengineering student at the University of California, Riverside, is an example of a student who explores multiple opportunities and has a lot of experience in her field of study through multiple research projects, internships, and organizations. After looking into various engineering majors and attending a Stanford Pre Collegiate Summer Program, which...
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