Craig Schroeder

Craig Schroeder Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering

Ph.D., Stanford University, Computer Science, 2011

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Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Dr. Schroeder previously served as an assistant adjunct professor in the department of mathematics at the University of California Los Angeles in addition to being a postdoctoral scholar with Joseph Teran in the same department. He received my Ph.D. in computer science from Stanford University in 2011 with Ron Fedkiw. He also received a B.S. in mathematics and computer science and a M.S. in computer science from Drexel University in 2006.  Dr. Schroeder received the Chancellor's Award for Postdoctoral Research in 2013, recognizing research impact and value to the UCLA community. His research interests include computational fluid dynamics, solid mechanics, fluid-structure interaction, physically-based simulation for computer graphics, mathematical modeling and scientific computing.